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So I have been dropped in my lap my first Headling/Full Band show.............with 2 weeks to put a band

I love this business and all the craziness that goes with it and this is crazy. Bands work months to put shows together, to gel with each other, and build their relationships. I had 14 days to first find people to play with, have them learn all the music, learn each other, and put a 75 minute show together. I scrambled the first week , hitting up people and other bands, trying to find a bass player, drummer, and lead guitarist and FINALLY last night I had them and had our first run through practice.

It's soo different playing with a full band and the fact that we all JUST met made it a little more difficult. The biggest and most crucial difference from playing solo to a full band is the connection and timing. Music is all about timimg, keeping the beat and hitting the down beats. For us have just met the connection is obviously not there, but the musical sides and musicians in us all came out last night.

The singer is only as good as his band so I owe these guys huge. They are all great musicians and more importantly great guys! Thank YOU!

I'm excited about the future and on July 23 I will make some personal history...1st Full Band Show...1st Headlined Full Band Show, Johnson City, TN!!

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