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One of my goals to begin my career and for Back Again was to take it as high as it possbily could go on the chart. In the last twelve weeks I've seen it continually climb and now breaking in to the top 75. The feeling I got when JR called to tell me that we had charted number 69 and also the Highest Debuting Song on the chart was amazing! I feel like I have taken small steps to get me where I'm at, with the help up radio stations to have faith in my song, and great people like JR surrounding me, pushing me, and knocking me back when needed.

I know that the sky is the limit and if you have great music you have a great chance of making it. Anything can go right, yet anything can go wrong in the music business. It's about one connection from a deal and one dollar from going broke. I've put my faith in my music and God and let it work itself.

To be an independent artist and with a debut song I am very humbled and excited about how well the song is doing. I have two great promoters that are working the record phenominally! Thank you Regina and Christina for all you are doing!

Till next week::: It gets harder each week the higher it climbs. My next goal is top 40!

Best Wishes and Thank you for all of your support!


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